Wolfsburg vs Stuttgart

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In this match I will try draw, and now I will explain it why. It is very simple...

Wolfsburg is the team with the most drawn games in Germanys Bundesliga - 11 draws out of 20 matches, more than 50% draws. At home Wolfsburg has scored 6 draws out of 10 matches that is 60% drawn games.

The second reason is that Stuttgart is the weakest guest in the Bundesliga of Germany, and in 10 matches have 9 losses and 1 draw, but at home they have 6 wins in 10 games, and I think we can still say there is a ray of hope and someday somewhere in the tournament to start collecting points.

The third reason is that Stuttgart has not scored a draw in 10 consecutive games in all competitions, and has only two draws in all 20 games played in Bundesliga.

The fourth reason is that the two teams have recorded 40 fights in their history so far and only 5 of them have finished with a draw, with Wolfsburg having 17 wins, and Stuttgart 18. There is not a single drawn game scored for 11 matches and purely mathematical is the time for a draw today.

And the fifth and final reason why I think the guest will not loose today is that they have changed their coach, and from 29.01 they appointed Typhoon Corku as a new mentor of the team.

Usually the new coachs debut takes effect in home games, but there is no time to lose, because Stuttgart are dangerously close to the relegation zone and need to move away quickly. Loosing points is not an option for both teams, so sparing points should be.

耍法 主队 指数 客队 让分 沃尔夫斯堡足球俱乐部(0.92卡塔尔国 平/半 明尼阿波Liss(0.99卡塔尔


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